Scientific Program


Prof. R. Compton, University of Oxford, UK

Teodor fon Grotthus Medal Lecture “Some electron transfer reactions; a frog’s perspective”

Prof. V. Šikšnys, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Teodor fon Grotthus Medal Lecture “Fascinating chemistry of bacterial immunity”

Prof. Kristina Edström, Uppsala University, Sweden

“BATTERY 2030+: a long-term roadmap for forward-looking battery research in Europe“

Prof. K Ryder, University of Leicester, UK

“Novel approaches to battery technologies; understanding the materials challenge and alternatives to Li”

Dr. L. Vilčiauskas, FTMC, Lithuania

“Understanding and Applications of NASICON-type Electrode Materials for Aqueous Na-ion Batteries”

Prof. A. Kareiva , Vilnius University, Lithuania

Lithuanian National Science Award 2021 Lecture “ The peculiarities of sol-gel synthesis of garnet structure compounds”

Prof. G. Niaura, FTMC, Lithuania

Lithuanian National  Science Award 2021 Lecture “Molecular structure of monolayers probed by vibrational spectroscopies”

Prof. V. Getautis , Kaunas Technical University, Lithuania

“Advanced Organic Molecules for Perovskite Solar Cells”

Prof. Thomas Chung-Kuang Yang, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

Prof. S. Piskunovs, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Latvia